Millennium ART creates innovative programs, interactive exhibitions, conceptual installations, and communications initiatives that focus on illuminating the ways we can reshape the future of human ecology on our planet. Our current projects explore the themes of education, science, culture, sustainable development, and peace.

Immersive Design Experience

WORLD EXPO 2020-2021 | DUBAI

The UNESCO Peace Pavilion is a custom designed mobile exhibition environment providing a seamless immersive experience inside and out. With innovative technology-enabled media architecture imbued with data-driven audiovisuals and an evocative curatorial experience. The Mosaic of Change visual storytelling platform comes to life through a labyrinth of digital display technologies featuring diversified content, messaging, and music that appeals to regional audiences while encouraging intercultural dialogue globally.

LAKA'LELUP | Coming Together for a Common Purpose | Climate Change and the Lake Tahoe Basin
Environmental Art Installation


LAKA'LELUP is a Washoe term meaning "coming together for a common purpose." Natural phenomena such as water, weather, and sunlight breathe life, air, and light into the floating LAKA'LELUP installation, bringing the majestic landscape of Lake Tahoe into play by day, and by night it transforms into an illuminated art experience with data-driven storytelling about the impacts of climate change in the Lake Tahoe Basin and the solutions available to us.

UNESCO Kiosk at the UN
Interactive Info & Photo Installation

#Unite4Heritage Initiative United Nations Visitors Lobby New York, NY June 2017 - June 2020

With over 1 million annual visitors to the UN Headquarters per year, UNESCO now has an opportunity to reach, engage, and activate international visitors in learning about UNESCO's 8 core focus areas and about the 9 SDG's UNESCO directly contributes to through videos in English and French on the Info Kiosk. Visitors can also learn about UNESCO's #Unite4Heritage initiative through the interactive Photo Kiosk, where they can select a cultural heritage site as their background image, and share their photo via social media.


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