Millennium ART creates innovative programs, interactive exhibitions, conceptual installations, and communications initiatives that focus on illuminating the ways we can reshape the future of human ecology on our planet. Our current projects explore the themes of education, science, culture, sustainable development, and peace.

Live Architectural Projection Experience

Oslo Opera House, Norway January 18 - 20, 2018

For the upcoming Klimafestivalen (Climate Festival) organized by the Norsk Klimanettverk (Norwegian Climate Network) we will transform the iconic Oslo Opera House, designed by Snøhetta, into a storytelling platform with a visual narrative designed to generate action on climate change issues and solutions, locally and globally, featuring dramatic icescapes, arctic biodiversity, and scientific data visualizations. This project is part of the Mosaic of Change initiative with UNESCO.

Immersive Design Experience

5 Global Regions Tour | 2018 - 2019 WORLD EXPO 2020 | DUBAI

The UNESCO Peace Pavilion is a custom designed mobile exhibition environment providing a seamless immersive experience inside and out. With innovative technology-enabled media architecture imbued with data-driven audiovisuals and an evocative curatorial experience. The Mosaic of Change visual storytelling platform comes to life through a labyrinth of digital display technologies featuring diversified content, messaging, and music that appeals to regional audiences while encouraging intercultural dialogue globally.

Social Media Activation Station

UNESCO HQ, Paris, France 2015+ UN HQ, New York, USA | 2017+

#Unite4Heritage is a global movement powered by UNESCO that aims to celebrate and safeguard cultural heritage and diversity around the world. The Social Media Activation Station supports the campaign by providing visitors to UNESCO to send out a call to action, to stand up against extremism and radicalization by celebrating the places, objects and cultural traditions that make the world such a rich and vibrant place.

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

Mural Artwork by Louis Masai 737 S. Virginia St., Midtown Reno, NV October 17-18, 2016 +

The Art of Beeing is a mural painting tour across America, featuring over 20 threatened and endangered species, created by world renowned British street artist Louis Masai. Each stop along the tour focuses on a regionally endangered species created in Masai's signature patchwork style. On the tour stop in Reno, Masai created the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, once declared extinct, now upgraded to a federally threatened species, as well as a bee, which was recently listed as a federally endangered species.


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